lecture RGS Simon Pierse at a watercolour symposium in Taiwan

Over the years, Simon Pierse has given public lectures at:


  • The British Museum,

  • Royal Academy

  • National Museum and Galleries of Wales, Cardiff

  • National Library of Wales

  • The Royal Geographical Society

  • MOMA, Wales

  • The Sidney Nolan Trust

  • Taiwan Normal University

  • Heide Museum and Gallery

  • La Trobe University

  • University of Melbourne

  • University of Western Australia


Simon is now retired but still lectures occasionally on Italian Renaissance and Mannerist art, Australian post-war painting and British watercolour painting.


From top to bottom:


At the Xu Zhimo Art & Music Festival, King's College, Cambridge, 2018

Simon Pierse lecturing at the Presteigne Festival 2017

Lecturing on Australian art at Aberystwyth, 2013

Simon Pierse with other lecturers at the Royal Geographical Society, 2012

Simon Pierse at the Sidney Nolan Centenary Symposium, Royal Academy, 2017

Simon Pierse at a watercolour symposium, Taiwan Normal University, 2011

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