getting better (2014) Sandra Sagan

As a painter I don't have any single ideology to put forward. Afterall, there are so many different ways of painting - all of them valid. Perhaps the best teachers are those who have an absolute belief in their own particular kind of practice and wish to convert others to the same belief. But this take-it-or-leave-it approach seems untenable today when painting practice is so multi-faceted and possibilities seem endless. Anyway, I have always learned as much from my students as they have from me.


Once, when a young art student, I looked around a painting studio in which about a dozen easels were grouped together in a circle around a potted orange tree that all were painting. The painters were students of the same tutor and all their paintings looked almost identical - it was as if one artist was painting the same painting twelve times over.


My aim has been simply to help painters get better in whatever kind of painting they are passionate about and to nuture that passion. To find out more about painting at Aberystwyth click the link below to download a short video by painter Sandra Sagan who graduated in 2014. It's called 'I'm getting better'.






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